Tri-Luminary Training– Shedding Light on Various Subjects

TLI acts as a kind of speaker’s bureau for dynamic and highly qualified experts in a number of fields.

Speaker Roster includes:

  • Mikkel Elbech¬† —¬† Storytelling, Photography, Interviewing and more.
  • Len Peralta — Digital Drawing, Comic Book Creation
  • Justin Argenio — ETCP Recognized Trainer for Arena and Theatrical Rigging, OSHA Approved Trainer for Lift Platform Operation/Safety
  • Brett Beanan — TriCaster Techniques for Webcasting and Corporate Event Video Switching
  • Richard Cadena — ETCP Recognized Trainer¬† and Certified Electrician, noted blogger and writer on Entertainment Lighting topics, founder of Academy of Production Technology (Crosslisted from their course offerings)


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