“Good training is integral to making the next generation of designers and technicians ready for the challenges of tomorrow.”
— Tri-Luminary founder Jeremy Kumin

We’ve been on a trajectory towards being a conduit for education and training opportunities since 2007, but 2017 showed us that there are more opportunities to fill this void than we even imagined just a year before.

Here are some of the topics about which  Tri-Luminary can help facilitate a valuable learning experience:

  • Lighting Control, Data Conversion and Pixel Mapping
  • Rigging for Arenas and Convention Centers
  • Live Sound Reinforcement and Playback
  • Video Switching and Webcasting
  • Video, Projection, Content Creation
  • Show Control and Integration
  • Entertainment-oriented Information Technology and Networking

A brief Q&A:

Is technology for its own sake worth talking about?
Sometimes it is, and we love to spout off about innovations and best practices.

Do we know how to ground the choice (and proper use) of technology in a rigorous discipline of good story-telling?
At every turn. 

Can you show me how to take the latest tools and use them to do something meaningful?
Yes. While the details could differ, depending on whether that meaningful goal is to create an environment suitable for conveying a message, or setting a tone for a more informal interaction, or fleshing out a fictional landscape to help sell a narrative, they all lead to good communication and captivated audiences. That’s the common thread.

What is the origin of the name Tri-Luminary?
If you have about 10 minutes to spare, ask us to tell you that story, and our answer will illustrate how the company’s mission is served by that name perfectly.