A Marketing Consultant …

that can shift gears from guerrilla tactics to electronic ones effortlessly.

  • Tri-Luminary, Inc. can help create a strategy for your company to market your goods or services more effectively, by helping customers locate you and become engaged with what you have to offer them.
  • We favor an Inbound Marketing approach, and think about these issues from the point of view of building trust with potential customers, rather than twisting their arms and browbeating them with messages of persuasion at the wrong time.
  • What makes us different from the rest of the herd, is a background of live entertainment, to which we frequently return as a source for our creative ideas.  This makes us an ideal fit for a company in the entertainment technology sector, or any client who could benefit from both electronic inbound techniques, AND offline face-to-face ones.

Let us help you solve a problem that has eluded you, or which is just emerging. First, though we’ll need a little info about you. Or if you want to hear more about our services and skillset, turn the page.