Tri-Luminary, Inc. has almost two decades of experience in working on corporate events, trade shows, galas and other kinds of parties. That came after founder Jeremy Kumin spent another dozen years working in highly visible and responsible roles in designing lighting for, and producing theater, dance, fashion, music, and other areas of the performing arts.

We actively research the latest in technology for the purpose of providing efficient and reliable solutions that can surprise and delight attendees with beauty and add focus to the message being conveyed.


We have extensive experience in trade show and corporate meetings as well.  Whether it’s

  • lighting
  • staging
  • sound
  • video
  • rigging

or a turn-key solution, we’re careful to tailor each experience to the client’s budgets and their goals. When the two are not in alignment, we’re especially relevant because we know how to do big and small, having spanned the range from multimillion dollar global dot-com launch events to small, intimate and detail-oriented.

Let us help with the creative side of things on your next endeavor, and see us in action.