Three Divisions

One company, three divisions. It just evolved that way, but considering the name we chose 18 years ago, it only makes sense.

Division 1

Design and Production.

We’ve done lighting design and production since 1999. In that time, we have cultivated an amazing network of partners, so we can now assemble a team that is both formidable and friendly, to tackle other production elements and design disciplines.

Division 2

Sales and Marketing Consultancy.

Thanks to our experience in marketing and producing events primarily for one client at a time in the past, as of 2017 we have expanded our service offerings to include consulting that focuses on sales/marketing of or niche products and services, especially within the entertainment technology sector.

Division 3

Training. Workshops. Seminars.

Think of us as a speaker bureau, a connector of experts to learners, or a facilitator of wisdom transfer. See the Training pages to learn more about who we represent, and when workshops and talks are scheduled to happen near you