Jeremy Kumin

Jeremy Kumin (President/Founder) has designed the lighting for plays, musicals, opera, dance, video, fashion shows, and many other events.  Building on his undergraduate degree from Duke (BA Drama ’86) he went on to get an MFA from Brandeis in Lighting Design. In addition to practicing his art on projects that were for art’s sake, he was responsible for design and production on numerous special events through his production company Tri-Luminary, Inc. in New York City, from 1999 to 2007. From then until 2017 he handled North American Sales/Marketing for a lighting manufacturer based in Australia.  At various points in the middle of all that he was an associate producer on a number of theatrical productions, worked in advertising and marketing for a small agency in South Florida, created officially endorsed training videos for the EPA about testing procedures, and for DesignCAD, a Computer Aided Design program he has used since 1986, guest-taught at universities such as Brandeis, NYU, SUNY Purchase, sat on panels at conferences about lighting control, collaborated as an inventor on US Patent 8950901, and consulted on a number of other business startups in technology, the arts, and related fields.