Tri-Luminary, Inc. is the brainchild of Jeremy Kumin (see bio). It has existed since 1999 to fulfill the production needs of his many creative endeavors. Jeremy has been joined in these projects by a roster of part-time and short-term collaborators, whose technical expertise and visual genius propelled the company through the many accomplishments it racked up since then.  Apropos of the name, it all breaks down in threes. There have been three fundamental stages to the company’s lifecycle, and there are now three divisions in its present form.


  1. TLI had a vibrant presence in the special event industry in NYC between its maiden voyage (CBS web portal i-won.com) and a roster of high profile clients who came through event planners and designers that brought repeat business through 2008.
  2. After a relocation to Durham, NC in that year, the bulk of the company’s attention was turned to marketing efforts and planning events for a related company that sold entertainment lighting products. This included a broad spectrum of tradeshow experiences that became a core competency for founder Jeremy Kumin as he promoted that brand.
  3. In 2017, the third phase of the company’ began. It now strikes a balance between the two earlier worlds that TLI inhabited, with a third division starting to take shape in 2018 that focuses on training.

Returning to the roots of our company in the production side of entertainment lighting and technology, a new posture of wider interest includes production management, lighting/AV/staging for special events, tradeshows, and some related expansionary trends.  These include  programming and system integration for temporary and permanent installs.

Meanwhile, we are continuing the remarkable work we did in Stage 2 as a sales and marketing engine that drove growth for one particular company. Only now we are positioned to provide that expertise for a broad range of clients, such as these:


Finally, we have an educational division, which curates, promotes, and facilitates training, continuing education, and related agendas in areas of Entertainment Technology, Communications, Storytelling, and Art.




Tri-Luminary, Inc. is a proud member of the American Underground community.